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Cracked Rocks

DBT that's effective, efficient, and fun.

Create positive, mindful shifts in your life

A 52-day commitment can make a lasting impression on your life.

In this group, you will learn how to make authentic choices, train your body-mind awareness to a higher degree of potency, explore your relationship with self-power, and navigate community with newfound confidence and fun. 

What You Receive

Each week you will receive teachings, guided exercises, journal prompts, and physical practices. There will also be 4 opportunities for open Zoom calls (at the end of each module) with opportunities to make community, plus Q&A time with Britt.

Notebook & Pad

What You Can Expect in Each Module 

Part 1: Mindfulness

Deepen the awareness of mind and body.

Explore and create a personalized breathwork practice.

Practice identifying anxiety in its earliest stages.

Learn the psychology around mindfulness and why it works.

Part 2: Distress Tolerance

Deepen the awareness of fight/flight.

Explore negative patterns and identify triggers.

Practice increasing body-response awareness.

Learn the psychology around anxiety, stress, and panic.

Part 3: Emotional Regulation

Deepen the awareness of subconscious emotions and their effects.

Explore relationships with bad cycles and habits.

Practice navigating emotional shifts.

Learn the psychology around emotions, logic, and growth.

Part 4: Interpersonal Effectiveness

Deepen the awareness of communication 

Explore new levels of listening and effectiveness.

Practice setting and maintaining boundaries.

Learn the psychology around conflict and resolution.


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